Service Times and Information

Sunday Mornings

On Sundays we offer two services of Holy Communion at 10:30 and 8:15. Our 8:15 service is a traditional language spoken service using liturgy from the Book of Common Prayer.

There is a staffed nursery during the 10:30 service.


Morning Prayer

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, at 8:00am, a service of Morning Prayer is held. This is a quiet, spoken, traditional language service using liturgy from the Book of Common Prayer.



Book of Common Prayer
Canada 1962

Evening Prayer (or, Evensong) and Morning Prayer (or, Mattins) are the two principal services of the Word in the Book of Common Prayer. These two services (prayed privately or as a church community) bookend each day with prayer, Scripture, and thanksgiving. Together with Holy Communion these three services are the principal liturgies of the Anglican tradition. Both Morning and Evening Prayer were formed from the monastic offices of prayer of the ancient English Church, which drew out phrases from the Scriptures (especially the Psalms) into the time-tested order that we have today.


Weekday Service of Holy Communion

Join us Wednesdays at 7:00am and Fridays at 12:35pm for a weekday service of Holy Communion. This is a spoken service and is a great way to spend some time in worship in the middle of your busy work week.  Some of our major feast days (Saints' Days) are celebrated at these services.


Healing Service

Starting September 19th, 2014, a service of Eucharist and Healing (including anointing) will be offered every Friday at 12:15pm. Since we are all in need of healing, this service is truly for everyone. Come and see.


Prayer Ministry

St. Peter & St. Paul’s is a community of prayer. We value prayer as the undergirding of our faith and life, and as the chief means by which we commune and communicate with Jesus, experience an intimate relationship with Him, and invite and discern the Lord’s direction in our lives. Some examples of the ways in which we surround our corporate life with prayer are:

- Special Prayers Services are called when needs arise to gather the community together to pray about specific issues and concerns in the life of the church.

- Prayer Teams, who minister to all who seek prayer for any concern during the communion time at the 10:30 service. These prayer ministers are trained, and meet regularly with staff clergy.



There are some paarking options in the downtown core. The lot immediately behind the church on Gloucester Street charges a flat fee of $3 for all day parking on weekends. The World Exchange Plaza (111 Albert St) offers free parking on Saturday and Sunday. The City of Ottawa offeres free street parking and parking in city lots on weekends within the downtown core. For more information on parking options with the City of Ottawa please click here.

If you are coming to St Peter and St Paul's for an evening service or event the City of Ottawa offers some free parking. Be sure to check signage and metres to find out how much parking costs. 


Special Needs

At. St. Peter & Paul’s we try to make our church a welcoming place for all. This includes the following measures for those with special needs:

- Building Accessibility: While our building is not fully accessible, all improvements that are possible at this time have been made for those who may have difficulty climbing stairs. The back door from the parking lot features a ramp, as does the chancel. While it is necessary to use a short flight of stairs to enter the sanctuary, grab bars have been provided. There is a washroom on the main floor which also has grab bars.

- Large Print Resources: Large print Bibles are available in the church.

- Sensitivity to Gluten: Gluten-free wafers are provided at Holy Communion for those who require them, and they are served on a plate separate from the regular wafers.