The Right Reverend Pie Ntukamazina

Right-Revd-Pie-NtukamazinaAssociate Priest

Right Revd. Pie Ntukamazina is the Bishop of the Reformed Church of Burundi. Was first ordained Pastor in the Methodist Church, Burundi, in 1982 and was priested at St. Peter Cathedral at Matana, Anglican Church of Burundi, in 1988. Prior to his ordination, he worked as a staff member at Christian Council of Burundi, formerly called” Alliance Protestante du Burundi”, then worked as Chaplain at State University of Burundi.

Bishop Pie was consecrated Bishop in 1990 in the Diocese of Bujumbura, where he served the Anglican Church of Burundi for 24 years, up to March 2013. He (along with 10 Anglican Clergy members) founded the Reformed Episcopal Church of Burundi since December 2013.

He studied Theology and received B.TH. From Kenya Highlands College in Kenya, received Master’s of Arts in Theology, with a major in Christian Counseling from Western Seminary in Portland, Oregon in US.  

His particular interest is teaching, preaching spiritual renewal and Christian counseling and healing ministries. The Gospel commits him to community transformation.

Bishop Pie’s primary ministry focus in in the development of an African-Canadian Fellowship Ministry at SPSP, where he serves as associate priest.

Pie is married to Clavera since 1984 and together have four (2 sons and 2 daughters) and two grand children.

He enjoys reading, music and interacting with people through outdoor sporting. He likes sharing faith and preaching the Good News that transforms people’s life and communities.