Refugee Sponsorship Committee

Thank you for your generous donations.
Now, please join us as we take the next steps.

In response to Christ’s call on our lives and to the Syrian refugee crisis, a group in our parish has been gathering to pray and work toward sponsoring a refugee family.

Before Christmas, we asked you for financial support for this ministry, and you generously responded. The sponsorship fund is now over $20,000, and the group is preparing a settlement plan, a required document that will give us a roadmap for proceeding.

Our greater need now is for our St. Peter and St. Paul’s brothers and sisters to join us on this journey by volunteering their time and skills to help us prepare for the family’s arrival.

A PDF of our pledge form that has a spot for letting us know how you can volunteer is available for download HERE. Fill it out and either put it in the offering plate or send it to the church office.


Thank you for joining us in being Christ’s hands and feet to a family in crisis.