Product Guide for Life

The Ten Commandments are often misunderstood to be an oppres­sive list of rules given by a demanding PB page5 DonisonGod. Instead they are an instruction manual for full, joyful, and meaningful human life, given by the loving God who created us. They are not the way we earn God’s love. Instead these are the way we respond to the love that God has already shown us. Come and learn how to make this life work. Really work!

Child care available. Contact the parish office.

presented by Canon Paul Donison

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April 12, 2015 - Introduction  AUDIO  NOTES

April 19, 2015  AUDIO  NOTES

April 26, 2015  AUDIO  NOTES

May 3, 2015  AUDIO  NOTES

May 10, 2015  AUDIO  NOTES

May 17, 2015  AUDIO  NOTES

June 7, 2015  NOTES

June 14, 2015  AUDIO  NOTES