Compassion Ministries

"In all things I have shown you that by working hard in this way we must help the weak and remember the words of the Lord Jesus, how he himself said, ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’” Acts 20:35


Feel called to serve those most in need? Jesus taught us that we are to be a blessing to all people and should care for those most in need, giving sacrifically. We have numerous compassion ministries with which you can get involved. For more information on any of our compassion ministries please contact the office.

A Place To Go

A Place to Go is a drop-in ministry for all who find themselves in need of fellowship, a smile, and some good food. It is a significant ministry at St Peter & Paul’s in that it offers a safe and comfortable environment for our guests in a Christian context. There is always the opportunity to pick up a game of table tennis, watch television, chat with other people, or maybe play a game of euchre. A Place to Go is run by volunteers who serve our guests in the name of Jesus Christ with love and dedication. We encourage as many people as possible from St Peter & Paul’s to come out on a Friday evening and see for themselves what a significant ministry this is in downtown Ottawa and how they may want to consider joining one of our teams.

We usually welcome between 50 to 70 guests each week, many of whom have been coming for years and are able to remind us of how it all began. This ministry is made possible by teams of volunteers, some who make the sandwiches, and others, who come to set up, serve the food, mingle with the guests and clean up at the end of the evening.

Christmas Dinner

St Peter & Paul’s has been putting on a Christmas Day dinner for 43 consecutive years. Usually we serve approximately 300 people in three sittings and provide up to 100 meals as take-out for those who request it. The event is publicized around town and we have many people who come year after year, some who often don’t have other plans for Christmas day and want to be around others and enjoy a good meal.

Putting on this meal is made possible by an army of volunteers, about half who are members of this church with another half who have heard about the dinner and want to be involved. In total we have 200 people volunteering in one form or another.

If you haven’t been previously involved with this dinner, consider scheduling some time for it this year. There are many people for whom involvement with this dinner and its festive atmosphere is a highlight of their Christmas Day.

Missions Committee

This committee is focused on reaching out to those beyond our parish, mainly by supporting the specific services that other charities provide. Local groups such as Christian Counseling Ottawa (CCO), First Place Pregnancy Centre, Ottawa Inner City Ministries (OIM), Urban Christian Outreach (UCO), The Centretown Emergency Food Centre, The Maycourt Hospice, Harmony House, Harvest House, and Bruce House receive financial support and, in some cases, regular volunteer service from our parishioners.

The same approach is taken in terms of national and international outreach, such as Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF), where financial support is provided through Canadian Charities working mainly in developing countries. The goals of these organizations are to provide better medical services, clean water, improved food production, employment training, care for orphans and street children and those suffering from catastrophes.

While support provided here is mainly through commitment in our annual budget, this committee also raises awareness of these and other organizations and the numerous needs they were created to address. Any donations made to these groups through the parish by individuals increase the support that is ultimately given.

Missions are important at St. Peter & Paul’s as a way to demonstrate the love of God and to fulfill the instructions of Jesus to spread the Good News of the Gospel and to care for the needy as we would care for Him.

Canada Day Water Project

Every year on Canada Day, St. Peter & Paul’s takes advantage of its location to provide hospitality to hundreds of people on their way to and from the celebrations on Parliament Hill. This hospitality takes the form of free water and access to clean washrooms. Volunteers clean the washrooms throughout the day, and others greet guests at the sidewalk to wish them a Happy Canada Day, pour water, and invite them in.