02 - How We Got Here


This project began in January 2012, with the formation by Parish Council of the Building Renewal Task Group, co-chaired by David Robinson and then-Rector Reverend Paul Donison. The group was tasked with assessing past renewal projects and recommending the way forward. Culminating in a Town Hall meeting in May 2012, a broad project scope and priorities began to take shape.

With these ideas, we approached a local architect, John Donkin, in September 2012, to start working on an initial design. Mr. Donkin did so without a fee for the next year.

In November 2013, the Parish membership was presented with the initial design with an opportunity to offer feedback on the renewal vision. At a Special General Meeting in December 2013, the Parish membership voted overwhelmingly to approve “the design vision and scope of the project,” and asked Parish Council to form a Capital Campaign Committee.

In January 2014, the Capital Campaign Committee was formed, chaired by Marc Banzet. An initial step of fundraising was to repay a building-related debt to Church of the Messiah, and then in fall 2014, the Committee launched its first giving and pledging effort. This resulted in gifts or committed pledges valued at over $600,000.

Based on this fundraising, the church secured John Donkin’s services to develop a design concept with more detailed costing and options. This led to a unanimous vote by the Parish membership in June 2016 to proceed with the detailed design of the project in preparation for construction. Parish Council, meanwhile, secured a partnership with Ottawa Innercity Ministries to lease the Upper Hall space, and guided the Capital Campaign to launch a second giving and pledging campaign to raise the remaining funds required to start construction as early as possible, with a target of 2017.

May you be richly blessed as you determine before the Lord how you are being called to financially support this project and vision to renew our building to bless the world.